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    7 Inch ipad 2 capacitive touch screen

    A Touch Panel is a sensor type device fabricated by forming a transparent electrode on a substrate of glass or film.There are different types of touch panels such as capacitive, resistive, IR, etc.Futaba only develops/produces Capacitive Touch Panel which recognizes the touched coordinates by a change in the touch capacitance.The touch panel is typically used in conjunction with a display device such as a LCD.

    When you touch the screen of the touch panel, the position coordinates/operation information is processed by a microprocessor and related software.This provides an intuitive user interface by directly touching the screen without any input devices required such as a keyboard or mouse.The adoption of a touch panel for home appliances, vehicles, smartphones, etc. has become widespread. Consequently, providing a touch panel on the display is essential.

    Model Number




    Cover Glass Dimension


    Sensor Size


    Cover Lens VA


    ITO Glass


    Cover Glass


    Total Thickness


    Interface of CTP


    Touch Points

    5-10 Points

    Operating Temperature

    –20℃~75℃   ≤90%RH

    Storage Temperature

    –30℃~60℃   ≤90%RH

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    About Fujian WIWO

    WIWO is a Chinese leading manufacturer and supplier for the touchscreen solutions. The touch panel maket is huge and getting bigger and bigger with the day. As business discover the variety of functions touchscreens offer we find ourselves merging clients ideas with our technology to creat amazing touch solutions. We have worked with international clients from U.S.,U.K. Germany, France, Japan and help them achieve better productivity throug faster technology and imporved marketing through greater connection with them. There are some types of capactive touch panels are popular in the markets:4.3 inch capacitive touch screen,10.1 capacitive touch screen kit,15 capacitive touch screen,21.5 capacitive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen usb controller is for big sizes touch panel over 10.1inch. We also can provide the resistive touchscreen, TFT LCD and OLED display to you if you have projects with touch and display requirement.



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